Shanghai Day 3: Qibao, Pudong, Sightseeing Tunnel

We headed to the outskirts of Shanghai on Monday to Qibao, an ancient canal town. There were lots of crowded narrow alleyways, historic architecture, and souvenir shops. And of course the canal where many boat rides were taking place. It was also the third time on this trip that I witnessed people fishing for goldfish. At first it seemed cruel and unusual but then I overheard that they get to take it home as a pet if they catch one. Still seems mean though. Here they also had lizards, birds, turtles, and bunnies for sale.

i want a pet bunny!

For lunch we stopped at a random Chinese fast food place. Daniel pointed to a photo and ended up with a noodle dish with unidentified fatty meat (which he claims was beef). This trip was not much of a culinary adventure for me as I don’t care for (authentic) Chinese food (or Korean or Japanese… I prefer southern Asian food like Thai and Indian). So the only Chinese food I had on the trip was fried rice and spring rolls. Ha! I’ll also include a photo below of Daniel’s dinner on Monday… another noodle dish with unidentified fatty meat (the menu said pork).

That night we went to Pudong on the other side of the river. We took photos of the boats lit with neon lights on the water and the neoclassical and art-deco buildings of the Bund across the river. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower was on the Pudong side and quite photogenic as well.

To get back to our side of the Huangpu River, we took the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel which goes under the river. Yes, it is expensive (50RMB/$8 one way), short (5 minutes?), and cheesy (lots of neon lights), but I liked it. 🙂

Daniel hadn’t been to the Bund yet so we went up to the boardwalk. It was much more crowded than when I went on Saturday. I liked visiting at night better though because everything was lit up and made for better photos.

-Jen Pace


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One response to “Shanghai Day 3: Qibao, Pudong, Sightseeing Tunnel

  1. don

    Cool Trip!!

    The pork, was pig stomach. Also known as bacon… you could easily tell by the ribbons of fat. Very common in Asian cooking. Everyone loves bacon…

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