Seoul FC Expat Festival

Yesterday was the second annual Seoul FC Expat Festival. For only 10,000 won ($10), foreigners got a ticket to a soccer game along with a free beer (a warm can of Max) and a free hotdog (soggy with relish = gross). Despite the disappointing food and drink, it was a fun time.

We got there early and checked out all the booths that were set up outside the stadium. We took advantage of the free face painting, airbrush tattoos, and fried chicken.

Then we went inside and found our seats. The game wasn’t terribly exciting as FC Seoul destroyed the Daejeon Citizens. But we had fun cheering anyway.

Afterwards we headed to Itaewon for more food and drinks. We had dinner at Los Amigos (not recommended) and drinks at Una (a really cool bar!).

Daniel didn’t come because he was sick so I stopped off at Taco Bell before coming home to bring him three crunchy beef tacos… just the cure for an upset stomach. That little trip however ended up costing me an extra $20… I missed the last train home and had to pay an outrageous fee for a 20 minute SHARED taxi ride (the driver made $55 total on what should have cost $10)… My friend left right before I did and made the last train. 😦 It was a shitty end to the night but oh well.

In other news:

Thursday was our “theme day” at school. This month’s theme is Transportation so we went to a park and rode bikes. For my lesson in the afternoon we played “police tag”. It was fun.

me in dorky teacher mode

This month’s artist is Leonardo da Vinci so I showed the students some of his work, particularly paintings of people, and had them attempt to draw realistic portraits of their classmates. Two students drew me and the results were hilarious/cute.

The weather turned to fall on Monday, which makes me happy. I love crisp weather and cardigans. I walked home on Wednesday which was lovely and only took an hour so I am going to continue for a few days a week until it gets too cold.

Fall also means the return of all my favorite TV shows, including Sons of Anarchy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks & Recreation, and The Office in the last two weeks. Tonight is Desperate Housewives and Boardwalk Empire. Yay! I’ve watched a few new shows but nothing that I love yet. Ashton Kutcher in Two and a Half Men was pretty funny though.

I went to the movies this weekend and last… Shark Night was disappointing, especially when all I wanted was cheesiness. The 3D effects sucked and it was rated PG-13 so it was pretty lame (but still too inappropriate for all the kids in the theater). Contagion was good but not great. I was engrossed at the time but I’ve already forgotten about it… Also Daniel and I watched Scream so I could prove to him that it was the best horror movie ever. He still thinks Scream 2 and 3 are better (what??) so now we’re going to watch all of them…

My new recipe last week was Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu. I’m making Home Plus Chili and Red Curry Chicken this week.

with mashed potatoes and green beans

My high school friends Araceli and Anthony got married last Saturday. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Tine!

I finally booked all my flights for Christmas. I had to book three flights through three different websites! It was frustrating to say the least. But I will fly to Singapore Christmas Eve, then Bali on the 27th, then back to Seoul on the 31st. I definitely want to see Wicked on Christmas and I know it sounds dumb but I also want to see A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D since I know it won’t come to Korea… Ha! (Did you see the second movie? Funniest shit ever.) Also Sands SkyPark. And a Christmas brunch or dinner would be nice. Finding a hotel has been difficult though, Singapore seems pretty expensive… In Bali I am going to stay two nights on the beach and two nights in Ubud.

My Christmas vacation will probably be solo but at least Daniel and I get to go to the Philippines together for Lunar New Year… And I think we’ve also convinced some friends to come too. Yay!

Two recent obsessions: Pinterest and chunky rings.

-Jen Pace


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