Shanghai Day 4: Urban Planning Exhibition Center

We had to check out of the hostel at noon and leave for the airport at 3pm so we only had a short window of time to explore on Tuesday. We finally took one of the mini trains down East Nanking Road to People’s Square. Daniel said he felt lame but I liked it of course. 🙂 And it was faster and cooler (literally) than walking!

On our way we encountered a homeless woman who forced Daniel to let her shine his shoes. She squirted the oil on his shoe without permission, much to his dismay, and started shining away. It was pretty hysterical from my point of view because he was so startled and disgruntled by it all. How he got suckered into paying $8 for a shitty sidewalk shoe shine is beyond me however.

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center was interesting but not really for me. I think it would be really enjoyable for architecture or engineering nerds maybe. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a huge scale model of the city of Shanghai. My favorite part was the Communist propaganda art posters.

After the museum we had just enough time for lunch. The menu we encountered was quite hilarious, with some very bad English translations.

We headed back to the hostel, grabbed our bags, and then took the subway and Maglev back to the airport. When we checked in, we had a pleasant surprise: a free upgrade to business class! We enjoyed free food and drinks in the lounge and then sooooooooo much leg room (and way better service) on the flight home. It was delightful!!

China made me appreciate Korea a little bit more for a few reasons…
*The language: Chinese/Mandarin is sooooooooooo irritating to the ears. Korean sounds beautiful compared to it.
*Restaurant servers: Were so rude in Shanghai!
*Traffic: Pedestrians cross the street whenever they feel like it, cars honking constantly…
*The smell.
*One more random thing: Korea has crappy little napkins in restaurants, too small to put on your lap. China has the same napkins. But you have to pay for them!!

-Jen Pace


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  1. don

    Lovable, hugable, shoe-shine boy!!

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