Ohee’s Wedding, Traditional Music & Wine Festival, and Asian Gaelic Games

It’s been a busy two weeks… So busy that I didn’t even have time to write a blog post last week!

Ohee and John’s wedding was October 8th. It was lovely. A little emotional for me as well… I always cry at weddings and Ohee has become one of my best friends. She looked beautiful of course, and I loved her HUGE dress. John looked dapper as well in a fancy silver suit. I almost thought his mom was Korean in her hanbok too! It was nice to go to a Korean wedding where half of the ceremony was in English. They both wrote their own vows and John even attempted to say his in Korean, which got a few laughs. All of their parents, the best man, and the maid of honor made speeches. It was nice to see all of my old coworkers and even two of my old students!

On October 9th we went on a day trip to a Traditional Music & Wine Festival with Adventure Korea. The festival was held in Yeongdong in north Chungcheong province. First we went to the traditional music museum, which was a bit dull for me (I’m not much of a museum girl), but luckily that part was short.

Outside of the museum we got to beat the world’s largest drum! It was just created in July 2011 and is 18 feet in diameter, 19 feet tall, and weighs 15,000 pounds.

Then we watched several dance performances. They were entertaining but the main male dancer caused a few chuckles… He was very feminine. We tried to be grown ups about it though. 🙂

Next up: Playing the drums! Our group got to play two different kinds of drums. They taught us a simple rhythm and we were pretty good! I was glad I picked the easy drum though…

On to the wine festival! We stopped at many booths for samples and encountered some of the friendliest people I have ever met in Korea.
After a pancake lunch (none for me, thanks) we tried our hands at arrow throwing to win wine… FAIL!

Then we got to do the “fancy” wine tasting. We all sat at tables with our own personal tasting “bowls”, snacks, and many bottles of wine and just enjoyed ourselves.

Mid-wine tasting, there was an impromptu dance contest! It was quite hilarious and really fun to watch and cheer for everyone. Apparently one Korean man didn’t like that only foreigners got the chance to win wine so he put his granddaughter on stage and demanded a dance-off between her and the winner from our group. It was interesting… He even picked her up and put her in the 23-year-old American guy’s arms at one point! She won some grape juice… 🙂

Afterwards, we kind of wandered until it was time for the bus to leave. The boys threw a football and then I made chocolates and looked at some traditional music booths while Daniel, Mike, Sabina, and Lorin went off for chicken.

Last week at school was busy. Our new foreign teacher finally arrived on Monday and we started a new schedule on Wednesday. I really prefer our new schedule as I only teach half the art classes! So every other day is quite relaxing for me now. 🙂 I also had my first big paper for grad school due on Wednesday morning. I worked on it really hard and for a long time… I did a community analysis for Saluda Library and went through lots of census report data. I think making the bibliography took as long as writing the paper! Hope I get a good grade!!

This weekend was the Asian Gaelic Games. I went to watch Daniel play on Saturday. He was on the C team and they made it to the semi-finals. After finally watching Gaelic football, it seems like soccer with some volleyball and basketball moves thrown in! The games were only 14 minutes long so my friends Selica and Carrie missed seeing Daniel play while waiting in the beer line! The day ended on a sour note as it got really cold and poured rain. I was not a happy camper!

Last week I made Hoegaarden muffins. They started out as cupcakes but the frosting didn’t work out… They were really good though!

Tonight with dinner I made scalloped potatoes. Yum…

I started watching a new TV show this weekend called Hart of Dixie. It makes me homesick for the South and country music. Also, The Walking Dead returns tonight!

Weird Korea Part 25: I’m not much of a music person (strange, I know) so I’m not really up-to-date on what’s popular anywhere. But I do know that K-Pop is all the rage here and apparently all over the world as well. This is the only song I actually know… Enjoy!

-Jen Pace


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