Daniel’s 29th Birthday

We had quite the eventful weekend, what with Daniel’s birthday and all. On Saturday, we had date night. We started the evening at Bezzle Pub, a place I have been wanting to go to forever just because of the name. Luckily we waited for a special night to go, because it was quite pricey. The beer and pizza were excellent but the spaghetti covered in sugar: not so much. Ha ha.

Next we strolled down Jeongja Cafe Street to find a suitably fancy restaurant for dinner. We settled on the first restaurant with a “wine and steak” sign. Luckily it turned out to be fantastic (and of course expensive, as are all restaurants in this area). It was called Nairobi: an Italian restaurant with an African theme. Only in Korea. We both got steaks, mine with cream sauce and Daniel’s with port sauce, which came with bread and salads. The meal wouldn’t have been complete without wine as well. It was delicious.

We topped off the night with dessert from Paris Croissant, “the best coffee in the world” according to Daniel, and a stay at our favorite place, Hotel Novios.

Sunday was Daniel’s actual birthday and the first game of the Bundang Flag Football Federation, which Daniel has been working furiously to promote and get up and running. I made Guinness cupcakes and my famous layered Mexican dip for the occasion and enjoyed cheering from the sidelines with other drunk spectators. Daniel’s team, Pass, Punt & Queef, defeated Team Dirty Sanchez 28-0. So obviously he was in high spirits!

you've been iced

The fun continued at Jessica’s Kitchen, a buffet Italian restaurant in Seohyeon. For less than 25,000 win you can stuff your face AND drink all the beer you want for two hours. Pretty good deal.

Q is for Queef

Next we headed over to Traveler’s, where Daniel was given way too many free birthday shots.

The night ended early, like this:

We still have one more birthday adventure to embark on, going to a Mexican restaurant as Daniel’s dad’s gift to him, which will probably happen this weekend. If he has recovered!!

In other news:

Also on Sunday, back in the great land of America, my brother and new sister-in-law had their wedding reception. Wish I could have been there Mr. and Mrs. Pace!

We booked our hotels for the Philippines. We decided to go to Puerto Galera, an island about four hours from Manila. For the three nights we are there together, we will stay at Oceana Beach Resort and for Daniel’s four nights after that (lucky bastard) he will stay at Badladz Adventure Resort. I want to do a snorkeling trip and go see some waterfalls while we’re there.

I have started Christmas shopping… mostly for myself. Most notably, I bought a kate spade wallet. So excited!! It’s so purdy, ain’t it??

We are doing promotions for our school now to attract students for the next school year (which starts in March in Korea), so I had to take pictures in my after school classes. Here are some of my favorite class eating fruit salad, making popsicles, (yes, it looks they they are pouring me shots of soju!), and goofing off.

Last week I had dak galbi for the first time. Everyone always recommends it to me so I figured I should try it. I should have read that Wikipedia link beforehand however, as I didn’t realized it was mixed with a bunch of nasty stuff on the grill and I couldn’t get just meat. But I didn’t like the meat anyway, too much fat and skin (as usual) and the flavor was gross and cinnamon-y. FAIL! Oh well. Now I know I should stick to the one and only bulgogi place I love!

this is supposed to be my "shocked and angry" face

Grad school is going great! I got a perfect score on my first paper and so far have a perfect score in the class. Our class this week was canceled and the deadline for our paper that was supposed to be due tomorrow was extended by 48 hours which makes me a very happy girl! Especially since I felt like crap today and have gotten nothing done. I left work at noon, since I was feeling shitty and didn’t have any more classes to teach, but I just came home and took a four hour nap with Bella. I got some medicine at the pharmacy and my throat feels better now but my sinus headache still hasn’t gone away. The nap probably didn’t help that. 😦

But I am glad I had some time to rest as I will continue to be busy this week… Our seven year anniversary is Thursday and then Halloween events Saturday-Monday! I haven’t even started working on my owl costume yet…

Weird Korea Part 26: I just thought this was funny… Students from one of my after school classes were making posters using magazine clippings and kept freaking out and screaming when they saw naked baby pictures. I found it hilarious but I wonder… Is this normal for all kids? Or a weird Korean modesty thing?

-Jen Pace


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