Ten on Tuesday

1. What is the worst compliment you have ever received?
I must say Daniel is the king of backhanded compliments… But nothing in particular comes to mind.

2. Did you/Would you tell everyone the name of your baby before they were born, keep it a secret, or not choose until after they were born?
Tell everyone! I love picking out baby names! (Teller and/or Finnegan for a boy, I was thinking Lucy for a girl but I have had a few students named Lucy I didn’t care for…)

3. What is your favorite candle smell?
I love pink grapefruit scented anything. I do not like vanilla scented things! Or cinnamon.

4. What is the best birthday/Christmas gift you received when you were pregnant or the best birthday/Christmas gift you gave a pregnant person that was really appreciated?
A baby shower! For birthday or Christmas I would probably get the person something for themselves and not the baby, I am sure a massage or spa day would be appreciated…

5. Who was your favorite teacher?
Bramlett, one of my sociology professors at UNCA. He taught the most interesting classes, he seemed to know everything about criminology, and he was tough in a way that you studied really hard to get a good grade in his class and really wanted to feel like you earned it.

6. What is the best game/activity you have ever played at a baby shower?
I did the melted candy bars in diapers to look like poop game at Breanna’s baby shower… It was fun, got people talking and laughing, and made for good photo ops.

7. What was your major in college and did you end up using it in your career?
Sociology… I have used it a little as my first job as an early childhood development research assistant required a degree in a social science and I have had other jobs that required just any bachelor’s degree. Now I am getting my master’s in Library Science and I hope to use that for my career!

8. What is a beauty product you swear by?
I don’t have any I swear by but I really like the L’Oreal pink toner. I just have to use cleanser, moisturizer, and toner every day.

9. What is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
Korean strangers have done me several random acts of kindness, from helping us open a beer bottle (with a spoon) to yelling at the bus driver to let me off when he forgot to open the door…

10. If you could recommend one new baby necessity, what would it be?
Can’t answer this one…

-Jen Pace


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