Happy Halloween!

I had a pretty awesome Halloween weekend. On Saturday, we went on the Ka Brew Han River Halloween Cruise. In the morning Daniel prepared his awesome costume: He got his head shaved and shaved off all facial hair besides his mustache. Then he painted his whole head blue and put on cutoff jean shorts. He was Dr. Tobias Fünke, “analrapist” (analyst/therapist), a character from the show Arrested Development. Tobias suffers from “never-nude” syndrome and wears denim cut-off shorts at all times in order to avoid anyone (including himself and his wife) seeing his pelvic area. He also attempted to join the Blue Man Group as a standby understudy. It is scary how much Daniel looked like him. See the resemblance:

the real tobias

Of course you can imagine how many stares Daniel got on the subway ride to Seoul. Some people laughed, pointed, avoided looking at him, or said “Halloween?”

Once we got to the party and were around lots of foreigners, so many people knew who he was dressed as and lemme tell you, Daniel was the life of that damn party. He was like a celebrity. Everybody wanted to (and did) have their pictures taken with him.

Oh yeah, I was a “black eyed pea”. Lame, I know. But I was super busy that week with a paper due for school, being sick for two days, Daniel’s birthday, our anniversary, etc. that I didn’t have time to make the owl costume. Excuses, excuses…

We drank lots of yummy Ka Brew and Homebrew Korea beer and had Mexican food too. We did the Han River cruise for an hour and enjoyed the magic show and the lights of Seoul.

When we got back it was almost time for the costume contest. Daniel won funniest costume!

daniel and some of his competitors: chopsticks and an iphone

strutting his stuff

He also competed for sexiest costume but lost to a hot Korean playboy bunny. Ha ha.

There was also a scariest costume contest…

me with the winners (matching zombie couple)

And a group costume contest. There were two groups of awesome Angry Birds but I guess the judges couldn’t decide between them because a group of lame vampires won!

These people didn’t enter any contests but I loved their costumes anyway:

my friend nakyoung and "green man" from always sunny

"it's OK when it's in a three-way"

After we had had way too much to drink (Daniel and I ended up with 19 beer tickets between the two of us… we ended up giving some away!) we headed back to Bundang and went to Traveler’s. Unfortunately it was dead but we met up with some friends and partied and danced for a little while.

Sunday I had a ladies Halloween party. I was a little disappointed earlier in the week when my cohost bailed on me but it ended up being better because only my friends came and nine people in my apartment is plenty!

I made some special treats for the event:

jack-o-lantern veggie tray

pumpkin cheese ball

lots of orange!

First we baked and decorated cupcakes.

we had an ugliest cupcake decorating contest LOL

Next up was caramel apples!

Last we painted mini pumpkins.

Monday was our Halloween party at school. Halloween costumes are hard to come by in Korea, so I was surprised to see so many unique and homemade ones this year. Here were my favorites:

june as a swan

aiden as a frog

maylin as a cupcake

daniel as a trash monster

sally as a ghost bride

ryan as an alligator (or dinosaur?)

logan as spongebob

In the morning I went trick-or-treating with the students.

In the afternoon I helped with face painting. I was not very good at it! But I got a little better with some practice.

Non-Halloween News:

Daniel and I celebrated our seven year anniversary last Thursday. We went out for Indian food and he got me roses and made a crossword puzzle of our “seven year journey”. It was really sweet.

After going home sick on Tuesday I felt even worse the next day, so I called in sick on Wednesday and went to the doctor. It was my first doctor’s office experience in Korea (other than the yearly health checks for my visa) and it was pretty awesome. I went in, gave some basic info to the receptionist, took a number, and then sat in the waiting room for about five minutes until my number flashed on one of the screens above an office door. I went in and the doctor looked in my throat with a popsicle stick and asked me about two questions. Then I went back to the front desk and got my prescription and paid for my visit. The visit cost less than $4 and the medicine as well. Also I like how they put all the medicine you need to take at one time together in a pack. I was supposed to take three packs a day for three days but I only took about three total… I felt better on Thursday.

Last week I made chicken spaghetti. It’s one of my classic comfort food dishes. I got the original recipe from “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” but I’ve made it my own.

This week was Cheesy Chicken Pasta. Notice a theme here??

The leaves really started changing last week in Bundang and it’s so beautiful. I love fall!

our apartment building is the short one in the middle

As you’ve seen from Daniel’s posts, the new express subway line linking Bundang to Seoul opened last Friday. We took it to the Halloween cruise on Saturday and I love it! Each station has cool designs and our station (Jeongja) has hearts!! So cute. 🙂 I’m sure now we will go to Gangnam and other places in Seoul more often.

Not really loving my job lately. There seems to be so much negativity and pressure directed at the teachers. Also we have to come in next Saturday for a prospective parents meeting so that sucks. We are doing Christmas plays December 14th so I’m sure the next month will be crazy busy as well.

A new TV show I love that I haven’t mentioned on here yet: American Horror Story. So creepy and awesome! Also Sons of Anarchy is sooooooo exciting this season. Daniel has made me watch a few eps of Arrested Development but I’m just not that into it. We’re still committed to finishing the entire series of The Wire as well but we don’t have that much free time together so we’re still on Season 3. Finally watched Scream 3 and it was not great… the other three films are much better.

So excited for November… NO PLANS!

Weird Korea Part 27: Why are all Koreans (women anyway) terrified of cats? One of the guests at my Halloween party was so scared of Bella and it was just ridiculous to me. And I started thinking about it and every Korean friend who has ever come over has always been afraid of Bella at first. Why??? She’s a CAT!

-Jen Pace


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  1. Mary Baumgartner

    Jen, I’m glad you and Dan are enjoying your stay over in South Korea. I hope things get better at the school. I’m sure they will. We’ll miss not being able to see you this Christmas, maybe next year. Love, Grandma

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