Restaurant Review: Las Margaritas

For Daniel’s birthday, his dad gave him some money and emailed me specific instructions on how to spend it: “Be sure to have Daniel go out to his and your favorite Mexican haunt for burritos and beers”. We have been so busy over the last two weeks but we finally got around to that Mexican meal yesterday. My favorite Mexican restaurant in Korea is the American chain On the Border while Daniel prefers Taco Rico in Gangnam. But we wanted to stay closer to home so we went to Las Margaritas on Jukjeon Cafe Street. We went with four friends and I was the only one who had been there before (once, about six months or so ago).

Las Margaritas may now be our favorite Mexican restaurant in Korea. We were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere, drinks, and food. Nothing was Koreanized! The decor was the same as you’d see in a typical Mexican joint at home and they played loud American dance music which gave the place a party atmosphere (and I much prefer to mariachi band crap).

Between the six of us we ordered three kinds of margaritas (lime, pineapple, and strawberry) and mojitos. I tried them all and they were all delicious!! Mine was the pineapple margarita which I don’t think I’ve seen or had anywhere else before. It was amazing. Best of all they all came with real limes!! (Most Mexican restaurants in Korea serve lemons.) Drinks were ₩8,000 each. Daniel also had a San Miguel on tap for ₩7,000.


jiyeon and her strawberry margarita

sabina's clearly excited about her mojito

We were pretty boring and ordered three sets of chicken fajitas for the group. They were ₩27,000 each and easily fed two people (beef fajitas are ₩29,000 and there were many other cheaper dishes on the menu). The fajitas came with refried beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole, jalapenos, “sour cream” (plain yogurt), salsa, cheese, and ranch dressing along with the cooked onions, yellow and red bell peppers, chicken, and eight (what smelled like homemade) small flour tortillas. We had lots of chicken leftover so we got more tortillas and finished it off!

After dinner they brought us two plates of complimentary dessert: tortilla chips covered in what I believe was honey and cinnamon. Yum!

Overall, we loved this place and will definitely be back. The food was really fresh and although the prices were a bit high, they were standard for Mexican food in Korea. My only complaints were no free chips and salsa (which I did get the first time I went) and no real sour cream (which I have yet to find at any restaurant here). Check it out!

If you know how to get to Jukjeon Cafe Street it should be easy to find. If not… From E-Mart in Jukjeon (to the right of the main entrance/exit of the station), exit near Outback on the second floor. Cross the bridge, turn left after the bridge, then turn right at the first street. Walk until Kraze Burger and then turn right. Go to the end of that street and Las Margaritas is on the right.

-Jen Pace



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7 responses to “Restaurant Review: Las Margaritas

  1. Dan's pop

    Way to go Jen! Followed the plan to the letter. Glad it was fun.

    Bought a lime/lemon squeezer at the Dubai Mall today, just for making more Margaritas.

  2. I absolutely love that restaurant! Sometimes the music selection is a little weird, but other than that, love it.

  3. Great blog! It’s awesome to come across another foreigners perspective of South Korea. Thanks for letting us know about the Mexican restaurant too! Yumm!!!

  4. Jen Pace

    thanks for reading ziem and sarah!

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