Restaurant Review: Matuvero Pizza

Craving pizza but too lazy to walk to Pizza School? Want to indulge in some quality pizza that’s way cheaper than Papa John’s? Call our friends at Matuvero Pizza and they’ll be happy to hook you up. They’re based in Migeum but we’ve never actually walked into their restaurant. We can confidently say they deliver to Jeongja and probably further.

One of Daniel’s coworkers introduced us to this place and the delivery guy now knows us by name. If you call, just say “Hello!” They speak decent English — certainly enough that they won’t eff up your order. Even better, they see Daniel’s name on the caller ID and they already know what we want: Large pepperoni, no corn, no pickles.

Unlike Pizza School and other Korean pizza joints, Matuvero doesn’t have sweet-tasting crust or sauce. The pepperoni is also pretty flavorful and they don’t skimp on the cheese, either. We also recommend the hot chicken pizza. It was a hit at Daniel’s fantasy football draft.

Delivery is fast (20-30 minutes) and cheap (₩14,000 for a large pizza, about half the price of Papa John’s!). If you don’t like corn, be sure to specify. Pizzas come with all the standards: Pickles, hot sauce, Parmesan, and garlic dipping sauce. Us privileged regular customers get free Pepsi, too.

Call Matuvero Pizza at 031 711 4111.

-Jen Pace & Daniel Daugherty


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