Restaurant Review: Agra Taj

Before coming to Korea, I had only eaten Indian food once and it wasn’t even in America (Zurich for the record). I didn’t really care for it at the time but now it has surpassed Mexican as my favorite food!

Indian cuisine always costs a little more than other ethnic styles, and Korea is no different. But the prices at Agra Taj are reasonable and the food’s good, too. I’ve been several times, most recently last Wednesday with my friend Ohee. Every time, the place is dead. I’m hoping maybe this review will bring them some more business since clearly the fliers they pass out outside of AK Plaza aren’t doing the trick.

The decor is typical of an Indian restaurant. Lots of gold and red with elephants and Taj Mahal statues. The service is good and all the employees I’ve encountered speak English. A slow kitchen would be my one gripe about the service.

Agra Taj is a bit Koreanized, with sweet and radish pickles served with the complimentary papadum.

We ordered Chicken Tikka Masala curry (₩14,000) which came with your choice of naan (mine is always garlic!), Garlic Chicken Tikka (₩8,000) which came with a small salad, and basmati rice (₩3,000). All were delicious, particularly the naan, which comes in one very long piece. I am disappointed they don’t offer saffron rice on the menu, but plain basmati rice is a welcome change from Korean sticky rice.

They also have lunch specials, beer sets, and two dinner specials (₩13,000 and ₩15,000) that are available from 5-7pm. Too bad I never make it there earlier!

To get to Agra Taj, take exit 5 from Seohyeon station. It is a few buildings down on the left, on the 4th floor.

-Jen Pace

Update (12/21/11):

Since the original review was posted, I’ve been back to Agra Taj three times! I have decided my favorite curry is Butter Chicken. Also, they have saffron rice on the menu… I don’t know if it’s new or if I somehow missed it before.

Tonight I went with Caroline and we both got the ₩13,000 dinner special. It came with lassi, a samosa (spicy!), salad, rice, naan (I upgraded to garlic naan for an extra ₩1,000), a chicken curry, and a mutton curry. A good deal!!



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