Restaurant Review: Suji’s

Suji’s is one restaurant I get a craving for often. Luckily for me, it is now a short walk from my apartment.

The ambiance is quiet, romantic, and intimate. It’s a great restaurant for a date night. Another plus is that it’s never too crowded (but never dead either). They also have outdoor seating.

Also Suji’s has fantastic service. The servers always speak English and when we went last night, our servers went above and beyond. They asked if we wanted crayons to color on our placemats (of course we did – and they brought us fancy glitter crayons!). Then when I was paying the bill, they told me about their VIP club and I got a card so hopefully I will get some discounts soon! (This service may be typical in America but it’s definitely not in Korea, where servers don’t work for tips!)

When I’m craving Suji’s, it’s one of two things: Cajun pasta or Alfredo pasta. Last night I got the Cajun steak pasta with broccoli, zucchini, peppers, and onions (₩18,000) and Daniel got the Alfredo pasta with chicken, sausage, and broccoli (₩14,000). We also both got house salads (₩3,500).

Yeah it’s a little overpriced (like all my favorite restaurants here!) but it’s worth it for the ambiance, service, and food. The portions are perfect for one person… you’re full but won’t have leftovers and there’s not enough to share an entree between two people.

Check out their menu here. Directions: Take exit 3 from Jeongja station. Walk to the first stoplight and turn right. Walk to the next stoplight and turn left. Suji’s will be on your right in the Star Park building. It’s a ten minute walk from the subway station. Suji’s also has locations in Coex, Itaewon, and Apgujeong.

-Jen Pace

Update (11/25/11):
Visited Suji’s again last night with Ohee and Lienna. I got the cheeseburger with potato wedges (₩12,000 or ₩13,200 with VAT). It was good but not great… Traveler’s still has the best burger in Korea in my opinion!!

Update (4/30/12):
Suji’s in Bundang is now closed. Check out their other locations in Seoul.



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