Ten on Tuesday

1. What are your pantry staples?
Pasta, crackers, cereal… that’s about it.

2. What are your refrigerator staples?
Yogurt, fruit, condiments, hopefully something to drink…

3. You already look like Heidi Klum (or your favorite supermodel). Now, what are the top three non-physical things you would change about yourself?
I would procrastinate less (right now I should be writing a paper). Be nicer to people, especially the ones I love. Have a more positive attitude.

4. What’s holding you back from your dream job? (If you already have your dream job, how did you get there?)
I guess my dream job would be to be an LA celebrity party planner… But I just don’t think that’s possible. So I am getting my masters in library science and hopefully I will be a librarian in a few years It’s a good second best. 🙂

5. You have $500 to spend but it has to be on one item only. Go.
A plane ticket.

6. What is something that you are embarrassed to admit you buy on a regular basis?
Nothing?? I really can’t think of anything I buy that’s embarrassing.

7. What’s in/on your bed every night?
Me, Daniel, Bella, our pillows and blankets…

8. What is a non-necessity item that, no matter how expensive it gets or how tight your budget is, you will always find room for?

9. What is the weirdest sandwich you’ve ever made?
Not down with the weird. Bologna and cheese?

10. Would you rather: Be banned from Pinterest forever but gain a million captive Twitter followers or never get on Facebook again but gain five thousand blog readers?
I don’t use Twitter… but I prefer Facebook over Pinterest. So I guess the latter option.

See the original post here.

-Jen Pace


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