Random November Thoughts

The past three weeks have been pretty boring. I had papers due two weeks in a row. Plus I had to recover from the busy month of October. And of course, now I’m booked through the end of 2011. How does it happen so quickly?? I just can’t slow down.

Last Wednesday I had my last facial with Ohee. (We had purchased packages of eight.) I must say I was glad! I was getting kind of bored with it. And I don’t think it really improved my skin any. But it was nice to have a nap once a week! Next week we are going to take a class to make Christmas tree topiaries. Sounds fun! Then I am going to start attempting to teach her how to cook American food for her new husband John.

Last Wednesday was also the first official meeting of the Wednesday Night Culinary Experience group. We went to Ho Lee Chow. I had already made plans to go to Agra Taj with Ohee that night so I just drank a Tsingtao while everyone else ate. This week we had it at Daniel’s favorite Korean restaurant Omori. He insisted that I would like the mandu but unfortunately that was not the case. It was filled with onion kimchi! Yuck! Oh well, we still had fun hanging out with new friends.

Friday was Pepero Day. And a very special one at that… Millennium Pepero Day! It is always celebrated on 11/11 (since the date “11/11” resembles four sticks of Pepero) but this year it was 11/11/11. All the kids brought candy to school and a few even gave some to Ms. Pace. 🙂

Saturday was the day I had been dreading all week… the prospective parents meeting at our school. It wasn’t awful, we just played with the kids while their parents went to the presentation, but I still resent having to wake up early, dress up, and work on a Saturday. Yes, I’m a spoiled brat.

After that I had to do a weeding project at a library for one of my grad school class projects. I had to go through 100-150 books and choose 10% that should be discarded. I was surprised by two things at the Bundang Public Library: how many people spoke English and how quiet it was! You could hear a pin drop. Literally. Anyway Daniel and I quickly chose worn or old books to add to my list. We also found books we wanted to check out but even though the librarian spoke English, she was rude and not helpful so we did not end up getting library cards. I guess I will go back with a Korean friend to get it done. Sigh.

What else have I been up to? I discovered I really like writing restaurant reviews. I expect to publish a lot more of those in the future!

TV and movies always keep me busy. I started watching a new western on AMC called Hell on Wheels. It’s pretty good so far. And of course I have a crush on the sexy, serious main character. I also instantly recognized the voice of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs as one of the characters on the show. Creepy! Anyway, I hope it will become as good as Deadwood was.

I decided to stop watching The Office. It was boring me and just isn’t funny anymore. I don’t know if it’s because there is no Michael Scott or the show has gone on for way too long. I also feel that way about Desperate Housewives but since it’s the last season I guess I will stick with it. Nowadays every show pales in comparison to Sons of Anarchy anyway! I cannot get over how good this season is.

Daniel and I finished season three of The Wire. I can’t believe they killed Stringer Bell, my favorite character!! Now there is no eye candy for me… I might not be interested in the show anymore! We’ll see.

Recently I watched the worst movie of all time: The Tree of Life. It was so horrible. I thought Sean Penn could do no wrong! Well, he was only in about five minutes of the movie anyway. Seriously, dumbest movie ever. It was about a family in the 50s. But there were dinosaurs. And barely any talking. And you didn’t even know the characters’ names. It was so freakin’ weird.

I also saw In Time in the theater. It was entertaining. I would recommend it as a sci-fi/action/romance movie. Starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. Also that guy I hate (the most) from Mad Men. The premise made me roll my eyes at first but it wasn’t as ridiculous as I thought it would be.

And I re-watched American Psycho for the millionth time. Oh how I love Christian Bale. Daniel refuses to watch it with me. He claims it is too gory. I don’t think he will ever forgive me for making him watch Requiem for a Dream. But those are my two favorite films!!

I am really excited to see Drive this weekend when it finally comes to Korea. And Breaking Dawn Part 1 on December 1st! Also saw previews for J. Edgar and that looks amazing. I know Korea won’t get it, but I would love to see A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. Their second movie was so hilarious.

I read The Hunger Games book recently and it was so good. Can’t wait to read the second and third books! The movie is coming out in March and was filmed in North Carolina. Two kids I babysat for are extras in it and one (Derek) is even in the trailer! I would tell you to pause it at 2:19 to see him but you wouldn’t recognize him unless you knew him of course…

On the music front: I am not a big music person and in Korea I hardly know what’s popular in America. But there are two songs I really love: Adele’s “Someone Like You” (but I hardly listen to it because it makes me sad) and Lady Gaga’s “You and I”. It sounds so country! I love it! Daniel hates it because sometimes I play it on repeat…

Traveling news: Daniel is headed to Thailand on Saturday to meet up with his dad and stepmom. He will be joining them in Sukhothai and then traveling to Kanchanaburi. And in five weeks I will have Christmas vacation!! Singapore and Bali, can’t wait. I just booked a cooking class in Bali. I changed up our Philippines trip in January. We were going to go to Puerto Galera since it’s (relatively) close to Manila. But I decided to add an extra flight and go to Palawan instead. I always hear it is the best place to visit there and the Underground River was recently named one of the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” (along with Jeju Island in Korea). I did have some difficulty booking a hotel as they all require a bank transfer to reserve the room rather than a credit card! But Kawayanan Resort was willing to work with me so we will be staying there and going on the Underground River tour and a Honda Bay island hopping tour. Since I only have two full days! Then Daniel can have his four extra days to relax there…

The last new recipe I cooked was Cream Cheese Crockpot Chicken.

It was delicious but I am sick of cheesy chicken pasta dishes! This week I just made chili, tacos, and baked spaghetti…

School is going well. I got back my grade for the second paper I wrote and also got a perfect score so I hope to finish the semester with a 4.0. 🙂 I signed up for my class for next semester. There was only one I could take because of class times and the time difference: Information Ethics. According to the USM website, it “introduces ethical issues and concerns specifically related to information professions and information technology”. Boring! Oh well.

Work is OK, we changed the schedule around because we have started practicing for our Christmas plays. I actually have more free time now, and I don’t have to teach three-year-olds or art, so I’m quite happy. I’m sure things will be frantic right before the play though.

One last random thing, and that is, does anyone know why a cat’s personality would completely change by putting a shirt on it? Tuesday night I was writing my paper and Bella was running around and being crazy and meowing. So I put her Angry Birds shirt on her and she immediately became so sweet and needy, sitting in my lap and purring. What gives? I know she doesn’t like wearing the shirt! Weird.

Weird Korea Part 28: Korea does not observe Daylight Saving Time and I for one am glad! What a pointless practice. Of course it still throws me off since I have to calculate the time difference between here and America for communicating with friends and family and for grad school stuff… So now I am 14 hours ahead of EST and 15 hours ahead of CST!

-Jen Pace



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2 responses to “Random November Thoughts

  1. Danb's pop

    The cat looks gorgeous. Definetly well taken care of.

    The pizza looking thing is making me drool!

    Sean Penn in a bad movie??? Please say it isin’t so!!!

    And the cream cheese thing… OMG!!!! looks awful tasty to me.

    Still alive and just back from the Golden Triangle!!!

  2. Mary Baumgartner

    Jen, glad to hear you’re still enjoying life in So. Korea despite having to go into work on Saturday morning. Miss you and hope to see you when you get back to the good ole US next year. Love, Grandma

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