Restaurant Review: Sala Thai

First off, Sala Thai is the only Thai restaurant I am aware of in Bundang. If you know of others, please tell me! So needless to say, it’s my go-to place when I’m craving Thai food. Tonight I went to dinner with Lienna for a late birthday celebration. Lienna is the friend who joined me on my trip to Phuket. And the first thing she said when we walked in tonight was: “Oh! It’s just like Thailand!” So I guess they’ve got the decor down. 🙂

We ordered spring rolls (₩6,000), yellow curry with chicken and potatoes (₩12,000), and cashew nut chicken with broccoli and mushrooms (₩19,000). The food was excellent, especially the curry. (Except why do Koreans serve those damn pickled radishes with everything?!?)

The service was typical, not spectacular. There is a call button at the table which is always nice.

Try it out if you’re craving Thai food and don’t want to leave Bundang!

Jeongja station exit 4. Walk for 5-10 minutes (through one stoplight/intersection). It is in the Ho Lee Chow building (look for the red sign on the second floor) on the third floor.

-Jen Pace



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