Restaurant Review: Sabasaba Chicken & Beer

As if there aren’t enough already, a new hof (fried chicken and beer restaurant) recently opened in Jeongja. We decided to try it out last Friday night. We ordered a platter of fried chicken and a platter of oven baked chicken. They came with three difference sauces and the obligatory pickled radishes and cabbage salad. Prices were standard: Around ₩15,000 for chicken and ₩13,000 for a giant pitcher of Max.

fried chicken

oven baked chicken

Of course the food tasted great. How can you mess up fried chicken? There are a wide variety of chicken dishes to choose from on the menu. Sabasaba also offers outdoor seating, which will be lovely come spring.

Do not sit upstairs! Poor ventilation had us and other customer coughing constantly. Hopefully they will fix this soon. And unfortunately, the menu is all in Korean. Luckily there are pictures but English translations are always better. 🙂

A good place to go after work with your coworkers.

Sabasaba is located at the beginning of Jeongja Cafe Street (diagonal from Jamba Juice/next to Quizno’s). From Jeongja station, take exit 4 and make a left at the first street. Go to the stoplight and make a right. When you see Jamba Juice, turn right at Paris Baguette before crossing the intersection and Sabasaba will be on your right.

-Jen Pace

P.S. The Quizno’s next door has amazing bread bowl soups!


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  1. Tasha

    Want to open a sabasaba franchise in Dhaka Bangladesh. Who to contact for that and what are the requirement?

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