Restaurant Review: On the Border

In America, I would never frequent a chain Mexican restaurant such as On the Border or Don Pablo’s. I much prefer the “mom and pop” (madre y padre?) places. But in Korea, On the Border is the best there is. I said I needed to eat there again to compare it to Las Margaritas so I went for a late lunch yesterday.

I have to say, I’m torn! They both have delicious food and margaritas. Unfortunately, real sour cream can’t be had at either establishment. On the Border does provide complimentary chips and salsa but they are lacking in the service department. Almost every time I have been there, it is a pain in the ass when the time comes to get the check and leave.

Yesterday I had a raspberry margarita (₩6,900) and the lunch chicken burrito with refried beans and rice (₩12,900). I polished everything off. Some complain about the prices at On the Border but I don’t think they’re bad for the quality and quantity of food you get. Lunch specials start at ₩9,900 and you can get combination dinners for ₩13,900.

With the new Bundang subway line now open, On the Border is only half an hour away! Head up to Coex for the day and do some Christmas shopping or watch a movie at Megabox. If you want to see Ryan Gosling stop on people’s faces while wearing a scorpion jacket, check out Drive… 🙂

Samseong Station, line 2, exit 6.

-Jen Pace



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6 responses to “Restaurant Review: On the Border

  1. freaksauce

    Sour cream is not Mexican. Adding sour cream to Mexican food is purely an American idea.

  2. Jen Pace

    well plain yogurt aka fake sour cream isn’t mexican either. if you’re gonna do it, do it right!

  3. “…but they are lacking in the service department.”

    So true. Every time I’ve been to On the Border at COEX I practically have to trip the staff as they walk by to get some service ’cause that’s all they seem to be doing: walking around, helping no one.

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