Christmas Topiary Class & Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I didn’t do anything special to celebrate this year, but I did have Mr. Pizza with Jinhee last night. 🙂

At school yesterday I made turkey hats with the three and four-year-old students.

foxy class

logan, my favorite and the cutest kid *ever*

Each class made a side dish with their homeroom teachers and we had a Thanksgiving “feast” of chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato balls, pumpkin salad, corn salad, broccoli, carrots, cranberry juice, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. It was better than I expected! (But nothing like home…)

cute mashed potatoes

my meager meal

Wednesday night Ohee and I went to a Christmas Topiary class at Junny Park. It was Ohee’s idea and it was a great one! I was amazed that I was able to create something so beautiful. Usually my art/craft projects don’t turn out so great!

We started with a pot filled with floral foam. We stuck three sticks (taped together) in the center of the pot. Then we placed a large floral foam ball on top of the sticks.

Next we covered the floral foam with holly. We ended up running out of holly so the foam in the pot is actually covered with another green plant. But it still looks pretty.

After all the foam was covered with greenery, we added red roses, red carnations, some green berries (not sure what they’re called but apparently they’re “expensive”), and gold spray-painted pine cones.

Last we added the Christmas ornaments and decorations!

I would recommend one of Junny Park’s classes to anyone. Of course it is taught in Korean but you can figure everything out just by watching and she speaks English well (although she will whisper to you because she is shy!) as she studied in England. Also she gave us each a cactus as a gift!

The class cost ₩55,000 but I think it was well worth it. It was a bit long at three hours and I didn’t like how she was embarrassed to speak English (I think it’s unprofessional) and she was a little picky/bossy. Also carrying the giant, heavy topiary home sucked BUT… Despite those few minor annoyances, it was a great time. Check out future classes here.

Other happenings:

I got my package from America yesterday! Old Navy clothes and my Kate Spade wallet! Thanks Mommy. 🙂

I bought Hamburger Helper and Pillsbury Grands Biscuits from I Love Cookie the other day. Combined with expensive green beans, it was a delicious meal!

This week at school one of the after school classes had pretend weddings. It was pretty cute.

juhong actually had two husbands! 😉

Another cute Bella Christmas photo…

Weird Korea Part 30: Sometimes I wonder if things I encounter in Korea that I think are weird are really Korean or just different because I live in a big city. For example: Car elevators. Do we have these in the US??

-Jen Pace

*Some pictures by Ohee Kwon-Roseberry.


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  1. Mary Baumgartner

    Beautiful pictures, Jen. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We missed you as always. Love, Grandma

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