Restaurant Review: Mr. Pizza

Mr. Pizza is my favorite “sit down” pizza restaurant. My language exchange partner Jinhee and I go there every other week. We always get a regular size “Your Special” pizza with a meat topping or two (pepperoni, bacon, ham, “meat”), cheese cap crust, and garlic dipping sauce (₩14,600). And a Coke (₩2,500). Heaven!

Mr. Pizza boasts that their pizza is 100% homemade, grill-baked, and grease free with no oil used. The crust is 100% hand-kneaded, fermented for 24+ hours, and hand-tossed to make it softer and chewier.

The menu offers a large variety of choices. For pizza, you can choose from an array of Premium or Classic pizzas or make your own as we do. They have five different crusts: Gold (sweet potato), Cookie (aromatic European scone), Nude (cream cheese), Origin, or Cheese Cap. They also offer pasta and rice dishes, appetizers, and lunch sets. They have an extensive salad bar as well and it only costs ₩6,900 for two people sharing. The salad bar includes a yogurt dessert bar too. We never get it though because we end up too full for pizza!

Another great thing about Mr. Pizza is their stamp card… After you purchase 3 pizzas you get a free fruit ade, 6 gets you oven baked spaghetti, the salad bar for 9 pizzas, and a free pizza for your 12th stamp. Keep in mind that the rewards card is specific to the branch where you got it though (I can’t use my Yatap card in Jeongja).

Check out their fancy call button too… The button on the right is to order, on the left is for a refill, and on the top is for any other requests.

Last month, Mr. Pizza released this hilarious video. So as you can see, they have a sense of humor. 🙂

Directions: Mr. Pizza is a chain restaurant located all over Korea. We usually go to the one in Yatap (exit 4) but I know there are locations in Migeum, Jeongja, and Seohyeon as well.

-Jen Pace

P.s. Just for the record, Pizza Hut in Korea is not delicious. Papa John’s is… But it’s so expensive!


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