Christmas Shopping & BFFF Championship

Last weekend was pretty low-key. Daniel and I actually had a boring Friday night together like we used to. We played Yahtzee and watched The Wire and Arrested Development.

On Saturday, I met Ohee and my old co-teacher Lois for lunch at Agra Taj. (We had the butter chicken and Ohee and I decided we like that better than chicken tikka masala!) Next Ohee and I headed to Myeongdong and Insadong for some Christmas shopping.

For clothes shopping in Korea, I always go to Myeongdong. I usually spend about two hours in Forever 21 and an hour in H&M. (Then I pop on over to the other H&M to make sure I didn’t miss anything!) Both stores are four stories and I like to be thorough! So if you come shopping with me, make sure you bring your patience. 🙂 From Bundang the best bus to take is the M4102. You are guaranteed a seat (if the bus is full they don’t pick up any other people) so it’s best to leave from Migeum because that’s where it picks up first. We got lucky leaving from Seohyeon last weekend… There were five seats left and we were the last two people on the bus! From there it only took about 20 minutes! It is the first stop after you cross the Han River. Just follow the crowd of people from there. (An alternate bus is 5500-1. The first stop after the river is Hannam where you can take a taxi to Itaewon for cheap, and the second stop is Myeongdong. It is always packed on Saturdays though!)

Saturday I was on a mission to buy Christmas presents only!! So we only went to Forever 21 to get some clothes and hair “stuff” as requested by my 14-year-old sister on her wish list. I tried not to look at anything else, but still ended up buying myself arm warmers, mittens (Ohee got a matching pair!), and koala slipper socks. I can’t resist accessories! And I also got my sister two cute shirts, a headband, and some flower hair clips.

presents for me

couple mittens!

Next we walked to Insadong, which is THE place to go in Korea for souvenirs or traditional Korea items for gifts. I knew I wanted to get my mom some things but I didn’t exactly know what… But, I found four things I think she will really like! (Can’t post them here since she reads this!) I also got my stepsister a “thank you” gift for taking care of my tarantula Malachi and I got a compact mirror for my stepmom. Ohee got lots of gifts for her new American family, mostly a lot of jewelry boxes!!

Sunday was the Bundang Flag Football Federation championship game. It was Pass, Punt, & Queef vs. the Weigook Warriors and unfortunately Daniel’s team (PPQ) lost 20-6. The weather was pretty chilly and sitting on the sidelines for two hours left me a bit numb. But I had fun taking photos and cheering them on with the other WAGs. The game got a little tense as teams and refs were arguing but everyone mellowed out in the end. The winning team got a trophy, champagne, and a giant bottle of soju and reveled in their victory before heading off to Traveler’s for the after party.

cheerleaders (photo by Jason Mercier)


brothers gotta hug

victory for the weigook warriors

celebration time

-Jen Pace


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  1. Dan's pop

    Great photos!
    Looks chilly too.
    Funny team name! The shirts look good on everyone.

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