Battle of the Cat Cafés

Last December I had my first experience with a cat cafe when I went to one in Gangnam with Lienna. Since then, two have opened up in Bundang. I went to one last Thursday with Jen and Katie (let’s call it Cat Cafe #1) and one last night with Lienna (let’s call it Cat Cafe #2).

Cat Cafe #1 is better than Cat Cafe #2 in every way!! Both cost ₩8,000 which includes one drink. However, Cat Cafe #1 also provides bread and cream as a snack for you and treats to give to the cats. The employee we encountered at Cat Cafe #2 was quite rude while the guy working at Cat Cafe #1 spoke English and seemed to really love the cats. He played with them and he gave us souvenir photos when we left. Cat Cafe #1 is more spacious and there are more cats, who are cuter and friendlier… AND they have some adorable kittens. The only cool thing about Cat Cafe #2 is that they have a hairless cat.

Also… one of the cats at Cat Cafe #2 peed on me!! So I will never go there again.

Cat Cafe #1:

Cat Cafe #2:

To get to Cat Cafe #2, take Gate 6 from AK Plaza/Seohyeon station and it is in the first building on your right, on the third floor above Juno Hair.

To get to Cat Cafe #1 (the better one), keep walking down to the last building on your right, the one with The Coffee Bean. It is on the fifth floor.

-Jen Pace



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