Restaurant Review: Craftworks

When Craftworks opened this year, it was the talk of the town. Daniel and I tried it out this summer and while we definitely enjoyed the beer, the food was a disappointment. I thought maybe I should give their menu a second chance… So when we went there Sunday night for the Pale Ale Brewing Challenge, I decided to have dinner there as well.

Mariah and I split an appetizer and two entrees: the chipotle tortilla bites, buffalo chicken burger, and chicken penne. We also had the brownie and ice cream (₩7,000) for dessert. Now that was actually incredibly delicious! As for the rest of the food…

The chipotle tortilla bites (₩9,000) are homemade tortilla chips drizzled with chipotle oil and served with a spinach cream cheese dip. These were pretty good but not great. There were still some left over even sharing with four people…

The chicken penne (₩16,000) was good, and my favorite of the three dishes we had that night, but it was pretty bland. Described on the menu as being in a “spicy cream sauce” was pretty misleading… Spicy this pasta is not.

The buffalo chicken burger (₩11,000) was supposed to be FRIED chicken SLATHERED with blue cheese. It was instead slimy chicken wings (skin on… not fried!) on bread with a smidgen of blue cheese dressing. It was GROSS. Katie also got this and hers even had a bone in it!! Not cool. The fries were pretty awesome though…

Daniel got the chorizo sandwich (₩12,000). He said it was good but I had a bite and was not impressed.

I think my expectations for Craftworks are just too high. Next time I will stick to beer and go to dinner somewhere else. They do get the beer right though! I had a delicious Baekdusan Hefeweizen and also sampled the three contenders for the Bukhansan Pale Ale contest as well as a homebrewed Christmas ale. For ₩20,000, we got five beer tickets and a poker chip to vote for our favorite pale ale out of three. There were two that were really good so I voted for the less hoppy one as I prefer my beer to be smooth. It was really close, but the hoppier beer won. Congrats to the brewer Bill Miller! According to their Facebook page, Craftworks will be organizing a brewing day at their brewery soon.

From Noksapyeong subway station (line 6), take exit 2. Walk approximately 150 feet and then cross under the street. Keep walking through one intersection and Craftworks is in an alley just past NOXA restaurant.

-Jen Pace



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2 responses to “Restaurant Review: Craftworks

  1. Dan's pop

    Yummy!!! The chips looked awesome!

    So did the beer…

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