Restaurant Reviews: Taco Rico, Daily King’s Brown Sugar, & Zelen

Well, I’ve been putting off writing these restaurant reviews for so long that I’ve pretty much forgotten all but a general idea of what I was going to write about. So, I decided to kill three birds with one stone and present to you very short but hopefully still accurate blurbs.

Taco Rico

Daniel used to claim Taco Rico as his favorite Mexican restaurant in Korea. It holds that title no longer. Our last visit (which was probably a few months ago) changed his mind. The burritos we ordered were so bland that we vowed to never return. Located in Gangnam near Big Rock Brewery.

Daily King’s Brown Sugar

I went here with my former coworkers maybe a month ago. I wrote some notes down on a napkin so this is why I can tell you so much about the place! We all enjoyed our food, the service was great, and I liked the decor as well. I had the nachos for ₩13,500, Lorin had the tenderloin salad for ₩17,900, Dominic had the eggs Benedict for ₩16,900, and Sabina had Jay’s Morning Platter (French toast, eggs, potatoes, ham, and sausage) for ₩16,500. We also got cheesecake (yum) and brownies (dry). A great alternative to Suji’s or Butterfinger’s. Located in Jeongja at the back of the Michelin Chereville apartment complex (diagonal from Star Park).


I have read so many good reviews of Zelen since I moved to Korea so Daniel and I recently decided to try it out. We went on a Sunday for lunch. The menu prices were pretty expensive but we both chose the lunch specials (either ₩16,000 or ₩18,000 I can’t recall exactly) which came with an appetizer, entree, and dessert or coffee. Daniel had a salad with grilled pork neck and coffee. I had meatball soup with chicken steak and yogurt with honey. All of the food was good but not great. Although I did spy a table with the spinach chicken and that looked amazing! The service was fine but they never brought napkins to any table; I had to ask for them. And the atmosphere was definitely fancy! Located in Itaewon.

-Jen Pace



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2 responses to “Restaurant Reviews: Taco Rico, Daily King’s Brown Sugar, & Zelen

  1. Dan's pop

    What is the red thing in the first photo..? Looks like a pen or something?? Sitting next to the nachos…

    The food looks really good.

  2. Jen Pace

    yep, it’s a pen! i need to work on my food photography skills fo sho… :/

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