Wine Korea & Bugok Hawaii

Daniel and I decided to go on an overnight trip with When in Korea (WinK) last weekend. It had been months since we’d been anywhere in Korea outside of Bundang or Seoul and this trip seemed to be unique and sounded like lots of fun. It did not disappoint!

We left Saturday morning and headed to Wine Korea in Yeongdong. Wine Korea is the only winery in Korea that maintains a vineyard and they produce the wine brand Chateau Mani. First we were given a tour of the winery and then the highlight for me: wine foot baths!

Next we had a one hour unlimited wine tasting. They provided five types of wines: sweet, raspberry, rose, white, and dry but I only had the white. It was just OK but it was included in the price so drink up! William, the WinK organizer, also brought bread, salami, and cheese to snack on. Yum!

Photo credit: Amy Yamaguchi

Photo credit: Amy Yamaguchi

After the winery, we headed to our motel aboard the party bus. Daniel had assisted in collecting empty bottles on the bus and filling them up with wine from the tasting so everyone proceeded to get even more drunk as we made our way to Changwon. And Daniel proceeded to spill wine all over himself.

Photo credit: Amy Yamaguchi

We checked into Passion Motel for the night (AKA Fashion Motel… which caused a lot of confusing taxi rides later on) and then had some delicious Indian food for dinner. While others went bar hopping and clubbing, Daniel and I went back to the hotel and ended the night early. Yeah, I’m old and lame.

The next day we went to nearby resort Bugok Hawaii. First we checked out their ice and snow sculptures.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the swimming complex. There were several indoor pools and mineral baths (hence the green water) but we mostly stayed in the outdoor hot pool.

-Jen Pace



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