Chocolate: The Exhibition

Luckily for you, Chocolate: The Exhibition’s run at V Gallery in Seoul Arts Center has ended. It was the worst ₩10,000 I ever spent. There were only three small rooms; it literally took Lienna and I about ten minutes to walk through and thoroughly examine everything. When we turned a corner and realized we were at the end of the exhibit we were in shock… How could they charge us so much for so little!??!

Outside the entrance was a wall mural made of chocolate.

The first room had a tree that you could tie “wishes” to (your wish on a piece of paper) and a few chocolate-making tools. Most of the signage was in Korean and photos weren’t allowed since the tools were said to be ancient artifacts.

The second room featured a bunch of plastic statues that were supposed to look like chocolate… But they weren’t chocolate. So it wasn’t really cool.

Inside the third room were a few small TVs showing videos about chocolate (boring) and a chocolate making station. We got to pick out a mold (I chose a seahorse; Lienna chose a leaf), pour chocolate into it, and let it harden. So not exciting.

Next we got to use our special “token” we were given at the entrance for the chocolate machine. We each got two Hershey’s Kisses. Whoopie! (Extreme sarcasm alert.)

There were also a few things made of chocolate, like a purse and a hat.

They told us to come back in an hour for a magic show, so we went to a cafe and waited since we had so much time to kill and had already wasted our money. The magic show was geared towards kids of course and most of the tricks were lame. The magician lighting a fire inside a metal box placed on an audience member’s head was sadly the highlight of Chocolate: The Exhibition.

-Jen Pace


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