Restaurant Review: Eric’s Steakhouse

Daniel and I celebrated Valentine’s Day this year at Eric’s Steakhouse. It was a delicious meal and I recommend it if you’re in the mood for a steak dinner. We didn’t know exactly what we were getting since the English on the menu was limited (I chose the cream steak and Daniel chose the ribeye). I have been wary about ordering steak since I got one at Mad for Garlic that came with no sides… Just a hunk of meat with a shitload of garlic inside. This time we were pleasantly surprised. 🙂

First we were served rolls with butter and a yummy corn chowder (and of course sweet pickles, Korean style).

Next up was a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, shrimp, and a creamy dressing.

Our main courses came with potatoes and vegetables, and Daniel’s came with a giant prawn.

Both dishes cost around W30,000 each. The atmosphere was quiet and fancy. The service was good but nothing special (no English spoken or understood beyond “medium rare”). Eric’s Steakhouse is located on the main road between Jeongja and Sunae subway stations.

-Jen Pace


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