Hello Kitty Cafe

Last Sunday I went to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae with Katie, Lienna, and Hayley. I had heard that it was always crowded but that wasn’t the case and we found seats easily. (They ask you to find seats before you order.) The decor was pink, pink, and more pink. It was cuteness overload! But we all loved it and the prices were the same as a regular cafe. If you ordered a hot drink it came with a Hello Kitty design on top and you could also order Hello Kitty shaped waffles and cakes. Even the bathrooms were Hello Kitty themed!

Directions: Hongik University station, exit 9. Walk straight to the first stoplight, then turn left. Turn right after Tony Moly and the cafe is up the first alley to your left. You can’t miss it!

-Jen Pace



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