Incheon Chinatown

Yesterday six of my friends and I explored Chinatown in Incheon. Apparently it is the only one in Korea… Although I did go to one in Busan. Maybe that one is just not “authentic”.

We just wandered the streets. There were at least two festivals going on that day so we saw street performers, K-pop bands, an art exhibit, and a parade. We also went to a park and visited a giant enclosure containing birds and rabbits (odd).

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It was definitely a fun day and we enjoyed taking in the sights. Sairah and Nigel even got interviewed for TV!

Directions: Take subway line 1 all the way to the end and get off at Incheon station. You will see the giant Chinatown gate as soon as you exit the station!



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2 responses to “Incheon Chinatown

  1. Mary Baumgartner

    Thanks, Jen. This was so interesting. Sounds like you’ve had a great time over there! Love, Grandma

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