Restaurant Review: Osteria Borboni

Jukjeon Cafe Street is such a cute area! I really wish I’d visited more restaurants there during my time in Korea. (The only other one I’ve been to there is Las Margaritas.)

Jinhee and I met there on Thursday and had a hard time choosing a restaurant. There were so many! We finally settled on Osteria Borboni. Jinhee refused to eat anywhere where there weren’t at least a few tables of people and Osteria Borboni seemed pretty popular.

We both selected pasta dishes (they were around ₩15,000). Jinhee had fettuccine in a tomato meat sauce and I had mine with chicken and a tomato cream sauce. Both were delish! You also get a complimentary bread basket.

I would highly recommend Osteria Borboni if you’re looking for a slightly fancy Italian restaurant.

If you know how to get to Jukjeon Cafe Street it should be easy to find. If not… From E-Mart in Jukjeon (to the right of the main entrance/exit of the station), exit near Outback on the second floor. Cross the bridge, turn left after the bridge, then turn right at the first street. Walk until Kraze Burger and then turn right. Osteria Borboni will be on the corner when you get to the middle of Cafe Street.


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