Lotus Lantern Parade

The Lotus Lantern Parade is an annual event in Seoul held in honor of Buddha’s birthday. From the Visit Korea website: According to Buddhist beliefs, the lighting of a lotus-shaped lantern symbolizes a devotion to performing good deeds and brings light to the dark parts of the world that are filled with agony. The parade features more than 100,000 massive, illuminated lanterns in the shape of lotus flowers, stupas, elephants, dragons, and more. There is also a post-parade celebration, which includes the time-honored ganggangsullae dance (a traditional circle dance in which everyone holds hands to dance and sing among flower petals), the burning of written seowon (wishes and resolutions), and the release of lanterns of hope (a ceremony in which 100,000 wish lanterns are let loose into the sky).

Directions: It’s best to be near the end of the parade, so you can get some lanterns afterwards when they pass them out for free! From Jonggak subway station on line 1, take exit 2. You can walk a few blocks from there to Jogyesa Temple as well.


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