We are a couple who moved to Korea to teach EFL.  We currently live in Bundang, a ritzy suburb of Seoul. We appreciate all comments and page links.  Also:  Hate mail.

All photos are available to use for free with attribution.


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  1. Korea.net, the official website of the Rep. of Korea is planning to open its official blog early next year (possibly in Jan.).

    The blog will cover every aspects of Korea, but focusing on Korean wave/ travel and leisure/ arts and lifestyle.

    we will also get student reporters residing in other countires write for us.

    (for example comparing theaters in the states, china and in Korea)

    But other than those student reporters, we will have to have 2-3 active, influential and committed bloggers who could write for Korea.net blog.

    Those “power” bloggers will get paid (*negotiable depending on the number of contents produced and selected)

    and will be in charge of

    -brainstorming blog contents

    -attending meetings (once or twice a month)

    -creating blog posts (possbly 3-4/month per each blogger)

    since you are currently running your own blog,

    we ask you not to use previous content posted on you blog for Korea.net blog.

    meaning, you can still use the idea but not the same content.

    if you are to use your previous idea for blog posts, they should be edited, repackaged and customized for Korea.net blog.

    your work can be done in any format

    -article + photos

    -photo works



    Please let us know if you are interested.

    and for more information,

    you can either contact:

    Cindy Kim 02-398-1938

    Jennifer Flinn 02-398-1967

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