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Thoughts while waiting at Incheon Airport 

On one of the worst days of air pollution that I’ve experienced in six years, this duly accessorized Korean girl is madly stuffing her duty-free booty into an empty bag she brought just for this purpose. I feel like it says something about our industrial-consumerist society that even as we choke on the particulate matter from our factories, we can’t stop buying shit we don’t really need because, hey, it’s kind of a little bit cheaper!

On first look, one may be tempted to think she’s sorting airport garbage, but they already have that covered here at Incheon International Airport. 

That’s because it’s a duty-free party down here at gate 119

So much tax-free makeup, so little time before glacial melting and air pollution ruin the fun of looking good. 

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Golden Gobi Guesthouse
Ulan Bator
Mongolian Steppe & Ger Stay

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Happy Dragon Hostel
Great Wall of China

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I am a little behind on blogging; we’re in Mongolia now! Here are my posts from Vietnam:

Hanoi Hostel
Halong Bay

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Hong Kong

Finished up my Hong Kong blogs! I am now in Vientiane, Laos.

Day 1
Day 2

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Farewell Korea!

Leaving Korea after two years was bittersweet. While I didn’t always love my life there, I can say I was much happier after I quit teaching! Ha ha. What I will miss most is my friends. I feel like I really made some genuine, lifelong pals there. I am kind of sad about going home where my network is much smaller. In Korea you can bond quickly with other English teachers as you have so much in common. Also, it is easier to get lots of people to do fun stuff together… No one has kids, no one works on the weekends, and everyone has enough money to have fun. For example, I would never be able to get such a big group to go camping together back home in NC. Also my Korean friends are so thoughtful and sweet. They all got me awesome farewell gifts and wrote the sweetest/saddest letters and cards.

My official farewell dinner was last Sunday night at my favorite Indian restaurant. 19 people total!

During my last week I met up with as many people as possible! Then on my last night ten of us went to my favorite Korean restaurant.

I tried soju for the first time!

Ohee couldn’t make it to either dinner so she went to the airport with me yesterday morning. And cried!! I don’t like goodbyes so I laughed instead. I’m so awkward. But I will see her again when I am the Maid of Honor in her wedding in August!

Here are the awesome presents I received…

I will always remember my time in Korea fondly. But I am also eagerly anticipating my future, which right now entails traveling for five weeks and then returning home!


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Bundang Pension Office

Last week I went to collect my pension. The process was pretty painless but I thought I’d detail it here for those who need the information.

If you live in Bundang, the pension office is in Yatap. Take exit 4 from the subway station, cross the street, and turn left at the Home Plus/CGV building.

You’ll see signs like this along the way:

Walk a few blocks down to the Korea Design Building.

Once in the building, go to the 4th floor to the office that says NPS. Go to the desk that says “lump sum payment”. You need to bring your passport, ARC, American bank account information (including branch address and routing number), and plane ticket out of Korea. (I don’t have an ARC anymore since I canceled my teaching visa in January and unfortunately I didn’t have my ARC number on me either. They informed me that without it I wouldn’t be able to get my money! Luckily I called Daniel who searched my email and found the number. Yay!) The money is deposited in your bank account approximately one month later.


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